7 Layer cake

(Our best seller 7 layer cake consists of multiple layers together with chocolate ganache. Cake which is simply irresistable.)

Chocolate Lemon Mousse Bar


Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Fabulous cake with layers of fresh strawberry cream and topped with chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Tuxedo

An usual fabulous chocolate cake with vertical layered white chocolate zebra strips & covered with dark chocolate.

Dutch truffle

Indulgent rich dark multi - layered chocolate cake

Hazelnut Cake

A delicately crafted chocolate cake, with perfect balance & blend of chocolate & hazelnut. A perfect partner with a cappuccino.

Opera cake

A French- Cake made with layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup, layered with chocolate gannache.

Orange Classic



A rich gateau layered & topped abundantly with chunks of pineapple mixed with cream.

Red Velvet

A bright red cake made of special red velvet premix with multiple layers iced with butter cream frosting which is very light & fluffy.

Rocky Road

Brownie base topped with all three milk, dark & white ganache, rocked with chunks of brownie on top.


An Italian dessert made of coffee & mascarpone cheese flavored with cocoa.

Very Berry Cake

Combination of different pound cakes placed randomly with strawberry and blueberry fillings.